Elsa Strietman, MA


University of Cambridge, Dutch Literature


Curriculum vitae

Elsa Strietman taught Dutch literature and language at the University of Cambridge until recently. Her particular teaching interests  are focused on the medieval, renaissance and Golden Age literature and history of the Low Countries whilst her research interests are centred on the late medieval and early modern drama of the Low Countries with special reference to the cultural and religious history of that period. She has translated a number of Rhetoricians Plays into English in cooperation with Peter Happe ( Southampton) and their translation of the two Dutch mystery plays, the Bliscapen, is about to appear in print. She is engaged in a research project 'Transcultural Critical Editing: Vernacular Poetry in the Burgundian Netherlands', led by Adrian Armstrong (Queen Mary University London) where her task is to translate the complete poetic work of Anthonis de Roovere into English. Other translation projects include late seventeenth-century political Dutch satire and she has plans for the translation of the Dutch Aeneas and Dido plays.