The Medieval Institute of the University of Fribourg was founded in 1965 and is part of the Arts Faculty. It endeavours to promote and coordinate research and teaching in all fields related to the study of medieval civilization. It actively supports interdisciplinary exchanges between all the fields concerned with the study of the medieval world, particularly those with any relevance to the history and geography of Switzerland in general, and of Fribourg in particular. The University libraries, including the Institute's own, hold considerable material on all fields of studies related to the Middle Ages.

Members of the Institute offer lectures in the following fields: Medieval Philosophy and Ontology, Medieval History, Medieval Latin, Paleography and Codicology, Medieval History of Art, Early Christian and Byzantine Archeology, Medieval German Studies, Romance Philology, Spanish Philology, Italian Literature and Medieval English.

Among several programs of studies, the Institute offers a Ph.D. programme in "Medieval Studies" and a post-graduate "Specialised Certificate in Medieval Studies".

The Institute maintains a number of publications reflecting our various goals and interests.

Several interesting research projects are presently carried out at the Institute.


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