Dr. FNS Stephanie Allen


1990, Master : University of Oxford, Early Modern English. Awarded 06.2014
Bachelor : University of Oxford, Classics and English. First Class. Awarded 06.2012; International Baccalaureate Qualification: United World College of the Atlantic, Wales. 42/45 points. Awarded 07.2008; GCSE Examinations : 12 subjects, all at A*. Awarded 08.2006.

  Domaine de recherche: Projet : Early Drama at Oxford (EDOX).
Sujets principaux de recherche : Early modern drama, tragedy, classical reception, rhetoric.
  • with E. Dutton and J. McBain, Rehabilitating Academic Drama, in: Ashgate Research Companion to Early Drama and Performance, ed by P. King (Farnham: Ashgate, forthcoming);
  • with E. Dutton, Seeing and Recognizing in the Sacred and New: The Latin Scriptural Plays of Nicholas Grimald, in: Staging Scripture, ed. by P. Happé (Leiden : Brill, forthcoming);
  • Ulysses Redux (1591) and Nero (1601): Tragedia Nova, in: Drama and Pedagogy in Medieval and Early Modern England. Swiss Papers in English Language and Literature, ed. by E. Dutton and J. McBain, Tübingen 2015.