Volume 26

Ed. par Christoph Flüeler, Lidia Lanza, Marco Toste

Peter of Auvergne. University Master of the 13th Century

Berlin/München/Boston 2015, 520 p.


Peter of Auvergne (+1304) is one of the most productive and most influential commentators of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Paris, At the end of the 13th century Peter actually moved to the upper theological faculty, where he argued a number of quodlibeta. This volume of conference proceedings represents the first examination of the work of Peter of Auvergne as a whole. In addition, biographical information has been interpreted in new ways. Many of the contributions present research on aspects of his commentaries on the logical, natural philosophical, metaphysical, ethical, and political works of Aristotle, as well as aspects of his theological works. A comparison with contemporaneous authors demonstrates that Peter presents a thoroughly distinctive line of thought and that previous classifications must be differentiated or even discarded. In addition, Peter develops an astounding history of reception with some of his works that continued into early modernity.