Volume 31

Eckart Conrad Lutz

Schreiben, Bildung und Gespräch
Mediale Absichten bei
Baudri de Bourgueil, Gervasius von Tilbury und Ulrich von Liechtenstein

Berlin / Boston 2013, 338 p., 11 ill.
ISBN 978-3-11-028152-1


In the primarily oral culture of the medieval court, authors of sophisticated literary texts still took into account forms of reception beyond the words themselves, including, for example, the role of performers, who they sometimes mentioned in paratexts. They also attempted at times to inscribe reception modes in the texts themselves. These modes enlisted discussions and explanations to activate the texts. The book’s discussion includes epistolary poems for a sophisticated literary circle, texts intended to educate royal recipients, and the lyrical tradition of the ‘Frauendienst.’