Dr. Ioanna Christoforaki


Research Centre for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art, Academy of Athens


Curriculum vitae :


Ioanna Christoforaki was educated at the University of Athens, where she gained her BA in Archaeology and History of Art. She continued her studies at the University of Oxford, graduating with an MPhil and DPhil in Byzantine Studies under the supervision of Prof. Cyril Mango. She also holds an MA from City University, London, in Museum and Gallery Management. She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Byzantine and Post–Byzantine Art of the Academy of Athens.
She is currently a Senior Research Fellow at the Centre for Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Art of the Academy of Athens. She is the recipient of awards from the British School in Athens, the Council of American Oriental Research Centers, the Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation and the A. G. Leventis Foundation. Her research interests focus on the artistic interchange between East and West in the Eastern Mediterranean after the Fourth Crusade, the art and material culture of Latin Greece and the formation of sacred landscapes by the cult of local saints. Her ten main publications are the following.
Wichtigste Publikationen:
An Unknown Cretan Icon of Saint Martin at the Petit Palais Museum in Paris, Festschrift for Professor P. L. Vocotopoulos, Centre for Byzantine Studies, Thessaloniki [forthcoming];

Lusignan Cyprus, Armenian Cilicia and the Holy Land: Artistic Interchange Across Frontiers, in: Gesta [forthcoming];

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