Prof. Dr. David Jacoby


Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Curriculum vitae

David Jacoby, Professor Emeritus. Born 1928. BA and MA. at the
Hebrew University of Jerusalem, PhD at the Sorbonne, Paris.
Has taught medieval history in the Department of History of the
Hebrew University; Visiting Professor at several universities
in the U.S.A. and Venice.

Recipient of fellowships and research grants in the U.S.A., France, Italy, Germany, Austria and Greece. In 1973 awarded the Prix Gustave Schlumberger of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres in Paris. Member of the editorial board of the journals "Mediterranean Historical Review" and "Crusades". Main fields of research and publications: Intercultural exchange between the West (especially Venice and other Italian maritime powers) and the eastern Mediterranean (Byzantium and its former territories, the Crusader states of the Levant, Cyprus and Egypt) in the 9th–15th centuries; silk production and trade in the Middle Ages; the Jews in the medieval Mediterranean.

Wichtigste Publikationen:
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Recherches sur la Méditerranée orientale du XIIe au XVe siècle. Peuples, sociétés, économies, London 1979;
Studies on the Crusader States and on Venetian Expansion, Northampton 1989;
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Byzantium, Latin Romania and the Mediterranean, Aldershot 2001;
Commercial Exchange Across the Mediterranean: Byzantium, the Crusader Levant, Egypt and Italy, Aldershot 2005;
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